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As part of the consolidation of Connecticut’s Community Colleges, Middlesex Community College and The Center for New Media will be transitioning our programs and courses to the new consolidated college, CT State, beginning with the Fall 2023 semester.  All currently existing Middlesex Community College programs will end in summer 2023.

All “Digital Media Production” associates degrees and certificates will become “New Media Production” retaining the same specialization areas, e.g., Audio & Music, Film & Video, etc.  The Communication Studies degree will keep the same name but have minor changes to program requirements. A new Communication degree will be available at the Middlesex campus with specializations in Journalism and Media Production.  A new associates degree program in music production called, Music Industry, will also be available at the Middlesex campus.

All courses will have new numbers and some courses will have changes to the titles. Some courses currently classified as “Communication” (COM) will convert to NMP (New Media Production).

Degree requirements for the new CT State programs are available on the CT State draft catalog (link below).  There will also be crosswalk documents available to help students transition from the current Middlesex programs to the new CT State programs. Students are strongly encouraged to confer with an advisor regarding transitioning to the new one college.

All students should have their Middlesex transcripts automatically converted to new CT State transcripts so they can seamlessly continue their education.

A draft of the new CT State catalog is available here.


greenpixel  Communication Courses (Including New Media Production)

greenpixel  Digital Arts/Multimedia Courses

greenpixel  Art Courses

greenpixel  Music Courses

greenpixel  Digital Marketing

greenpixel  Noncredit Opportunities

For the latest information on course availability, visit our online catalog.


greenpixel  NMP 1001 – Digital Media Foundations
greenpixel  NMP 1025 – New Media Production
greenpixel  NMP 1047 – Digital Cinematography
greenpixel  NMP 1053 – Film Production
greenpixel  NMP 2003 – Media Literacy
greenpixel  NMP 2020 – Television Studio Production
greenpixel  NMP 2028 – News, Documentary and Reality Programming
greenpixel  NMP 2064 – Advanced Video Editing
greenpixel  NMP 2090 – Media Production Capstone
greenpixel  NMP 2095 – Center for New Media Productions Practicum
greenpixel  NMP 2195 – Experiential Learning and Practice in Media Production
greenpixel  NMP 2295 – Experiential Learning and Practice in Media Production II
greenpixel  NMP 1110 – Introduction to Digital Graphics
greenpixel  NMP 1120 – Image Editing and the Pixel
greenpixel  NMP 1130 – Vector Graphics
greenpixel  NMP 1140 – Digital Publishing and Layout
greenpixel  NMP 2100 – Introduction to Animated Productions
greenpixel  NMP 2110 – Visual Effects
greenpixel  NMP 2120 – Foundations of 3D Animation
greenpixel  NMP 2200 – Producing Interactive Media
greenpixel  NMP 2210 – Web Productions Fundamentals
greenpixel  NMP 2220 – Web Production II


COMM Courses

greenpixel  COMM 1010 – Introduction to Mass Communication
greenpixel  COMM 2513 – Scriptwriting for Media
greenpixel  COMM 2502 – Social Media Strategy
greenpixel  COMM 1401 – Journalism
greenpixel  COMM 1610 – Digital Video Production
greenpixel  COMM 1612 – Audio Production
greenpixel  COMM 1201 – Film Study and Appreciation
greenpixel  COMM 1302 – Interpersonal Communications
greenpixel  COMM 1301 – Public Speaking
greenpixel  COMM 1304 – Introduction to Public Relations


Graphic Design

greenpixel  GRA 1501 – Graphic Design I



greenpixel  MUS 1001 – Music History & Appreciation I
greenpixel  MUS 1004 – World Music
greenpixel  MUS 1701 – Introduction to Music Business
greenpixel  MUS 1100 – Fundamentals of Music
greenpixel  MUS 1101 – Music Theory I
greenpixel  MUS 1009 – History and Appreciation of Jazz
greenpixel  MUS 1010 – Rock and Roll History and Appreciation
greenpixel  MUS 1201 – Music Ear-Training I
greenpixel  MUS 1301 – Group Piano I
greenpixel  MUS 1602 – Electronic Music Composition I
greenpixel  MUS 2603 – Electronic Music Composition II
greenpixel  MUS 2606 – Music for Film, TV, and Other Media
greenpixel  MUS 2605 – Principles of Sound Recording
greenpixel  MUS 2604 – Advanced Music Mixing and Processing