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Production Assistant Training ProgramThis intensive 32-hour “Boot Camp” is an ideal way to learn the skills required to get your foot in the door of the film or television industry. The course teaches terminology, production organization and personnel, set etiquette and operations, radio communications, production office procedures, and understanding the various production forms, including call sheets and production reports. Students will participate in mock-training exercises and learn all the basics about this position (including resume and job search tips, as well as job interview techniques). Taught by an experienced Assistant Director who is a member of the Directors Guild of America. The required textbook can be purchased for approximately$10 through the MxCC bookstore. Please bring the CRN and course title to the college bookstore when purchasing. Prerequisite: High-school diploma. Click here for more information.

Social Media for Business Certificate (Online)Online Program For businesses, not-for-profits, government, or other organizations. Social Media/Networking is the fastest growing way to communicate, market, and serve customers and clients. Facebook, Twitter, blogging, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. offers opportunities and ways to communicate across all social networks. This certificate program will show how social networks are used to develop two-way communication with potential customers, and will provide practical, how-to techniques for integrating social networks into the marketing and communications strategy at any organization or business. This course is for students who are new to social networks or want to increase their involvement. This online certificate consists of 3 different month-long courses, each with 4 modules (1 per week). Students work at their own pace, any time of day. Each course takes approximately 16 – 20 hours to complete, depending on the student. To receive the certificate, all quizzes must be passed. This certificate is offered in collaboration with the Learning Resource Network’s(LERN) UGotClass program. Click here to request information.