Policies Under Inclement Weather

   DATE:                    January, 2019

   TO:                          College Community

   FROM:                   Kimberly Hogan, Dean of Administration

   RE:                          College Closings, Delayed Openings and Early Release due to Inclement Weather

This is a reminder of the process for when the College may close, have a delayed opening or an early release due to inclement weather conditions.  In each of the following situations, College closings will be conveyed to the College Community via:

  • Television and radio stations
  • Multiple personal devices for those who have registered through the myCommnet Alert System**
  • MxCC website
  • Social Media; and
  • A recorded message which can be heard by calling the main number of the College: 860.343.5800.

Off Campus Sites

MxCC@Platt and courses held at Wilcox Technical High School will comply with the Middletown campus policy.  Exceptions:

  • In the event of extreme weather only in the Meriden area, the decision to cancel classes at MxCC@Platt will be determined by the Dean of Administration.
  • If public schools are closed in Meriden, courses will not be held at MxCC@Platt or Wilcox Technical High School.

College Closing

  • When the Governor asks that Level 2 (“non-essential”) state employees not report to work due to adverse weather or other emergency condition, Middlesex Community College will be closed.  In the absence of a directive from the Governor, the Campus Chief Executive Officer (CEO) may close the college for a full day or a portion thereof based upon local weather conditions or College emergency.  Partial day closing of the College will be referred to as a delayed opening or an early release.
  • When the Campus CEO directs that the College will be closed, employees are not expected to report to work, except that the Campus CEO may require the attendance of employees in critical service positions such as maintenance and security.  In the event of the College closing, classes and scheduled educational activities for the day are cancelled.  Employees who are not expected to work will have their time off charged as stated in ERM 2012-2.

When weather conditions are poor before the start of a day when classes are scheduled to be in session, the decision on whether or not to modify the class schedule will be made no later than 6:00 a.m.  The local radio and television stations will be notified by College officials, and the stations will make appropriate announcements.  Please note that although the message will be conveyed to the media prior to 6:00 a.m., the announcement may not appear until after 6:00 a.m.

  • When Meriden Public schools are closed, no classes will be held at MxCC@Platt or Wilcox.  

Delayed Openings

When the Governor asks that Level 2 (“non-essential”) state employees delay their arrival at work until after the usual opening time for their agency due to adverse weather or other emergency condition, Middlesex will have delayed openings.  The same holds true when the Governor orders an early release of Level 2 state employees.  Delayed openings are similar to College closings in that, with the exception of employees in critical service positions and their supervisors who may be required to report to work, faculty/staff members are not expected to report to work until the specified opening time and will have their time off charged as stated in ERM 2012-2.   Employees who do not report to work by the specified opening time, who are covered by a collective bargaining agreement that excuses late arrivals under specified conditions, are entitled to the benefit of such provision.  However, provisions for late arrival are to be measured from the beginning of the employee’s shift.  Employees who do not report to work at all on a day when the College opening has been delayed will be charged the entire shift to an appropriate leave balance.


Any classes that begin before the specified time will not be held.  All classes that begin on or after the specified time will be held as scheduled.

Early Release

If the Campus CEO directs an early release, the Campus CEO shall indicate the time when the College will be closed for the day.  Employees who are at work and who leave when the College closes will have their time off charged as stated in ERM 2012-2.  Employees whose scheduled work shifts have not begun as of the early release need not report to work; however, any time between the scheduled commencement of a shift and the time of College closing shall be charged to an accrued leave balance.  Employees in critical service positions, Level 1, (e.g. snow and ice removal, facility security) and their supervisors may not be subject to the early release provisions of this policy.

In case of inclement weather occurring after the work day has begun, the decision to modify the class schedule, both at the main campus and at the extension centers, will be made as conditions warrant.  If it has been determined that the College will have an early release, the specific release time will be conveyed to the College Community as stated above. Furthermore, an e-mail and a voice mail message will be sent to MxCC employees.  An e-mail will be sent to MxCC students.

Any classes starting at the specified time or later will not be held.  Any classes that begin prior to the specified release time and are scheduled to run past that time will be released at the specified time. 

In Conclusion

The decision to close the College, delay an opening or grant an early release is predicated upon driving conditions, the weather forecast, and the state of the parking lots.  The decisions made, and the timing of those decisions, are made with the desire to balance personal safety with the mission of the College.

The following radio and television stations will be notified and asked to make the appropriate announcements:

Staff and faculty only –

Instructions specific to certain bargaining units can be obtained through your Bargaining Unit Contract.  If the College is open, classes not cancelled and weather/roads are questionable, this is what your union provides for you. As always, each individual must make his or her own judgment regarding the conditions of the roads.

Any questions regarding the inclement weather policy and practice may be directed to me.

Thank you.

**To receive notification through multiple personal devices, you must register with the myCommnet Alert System.  Log-in to your “my Commnet” account.  On the HOME page, select “myCommNet Alert” and follow the instructions.