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MxCC offers Late-Start Classes that begin throughout the semester. You can also take advantage of a broad range of continuing education courses and noncredit certificate programs available during the semester.


To register for a course, follow the directions on our registration page. For more information about late-start courses, please contact the Office of Enrollment Services at 860-343-5719/866-526-6008 (toll-free) or

Late-Start Classes: Fall 2020

All courses start September 21 unless otherwise indicated


BMG*202 Principles of Management
CSA*140 Database Applications
DGA*241 Internet Web Design I
ENG*096 Intro to College English
ENG*101 Composition
ENG*101E Composition Embedded
ENG*102 Literature & Composition
PSY*111 General Psychology I
RLS*122 Processes and Techniques in Therapeutic Recreation (STARTS 10/17)
SOC*101 Principles of Sociology


ART*100 Art Appreciation


ART*109 Color Theory
COL*101 College & Career Success
COM*228 Journalism Workshop (Starts 9/24)
EGR*214 Engineering Thermodynamics

Middletown Campus

COM*173 Public Speaking (Starts 9/24)
CJS*250 Police Organization and Administration


CJS*101 Intro to Criminal Justice (Starts 9/24)

Middlesex Accelerated Program (MAP) Classes
3 credits in 5 weeks!

All MAP courses are online unless otherwise indicated.


ACC*113 Principles of Financial Accounting
BBG*115 Business Software Applications
ENG*101 Composition
HIM*215 Clinical Coding PPE I


ACC*117 Principles of Management Accounting
BIO*110 Principles of the Human Body
HIM*216 Clinical Coding PPE II
HIS*101 Western Civilization I
MAT*137 Intermediate Algebra
POL*111 American Government


BBG*231 Business Law I
BMG*202 Principles of Management
COM*173 Public Speaking
HIM*217 Clinical Coding PPE III
HIM*290 Certified Exam Prep
MAT*167 Principles of Statistics
SOC*101 Principles of Sociology