For MxCC Students, use either of the following methods to have your NetID password reset.
We do not reset password over phone.
  1. Reset password on your own at
  2. Stop by the following offices (Mon-Fri, 9:00am-5:00pm) to make your request with your Photo ID.
    • * Distance Learning, Founders Hall 131/131A, 860-343-5756
    • * IT Service, Wheaton Hall 304, 860-343–5711
    • * Record’s Office, Founders Hall 153, 860–343-5724
    • * Meriden Center, (203) 608-3050
  3. For online students who are unable to come to campus during our office hours, you will use either of the follow two ways to make your request to reset your password.
    • a. FAX your request with a photo ID to 860-344–7488. Write down and provide with the following in your FAX: Attention to: Distance Learning, your name, Banner ID, phone#, birth date, last four digit of your social security number, requesting to have your NetID password reset, signature, and Photo ID (Student ID or Driver’s License). After you FAX the request, notify Distance Learning staff at Your request will be processed during Distance Learning office hours.
    • b. Your may also use this Password Reset Form and FAX your request to the Record’s Office at 860-344-3055. Your request will be processed during Record office hours.

For MxCC Faculty/Staff, contact IT Service at 860-343-5711 for password reset.