Troubleshooting Tips

The problems listed below are scenarios of common problems reported by MyCommNet/Blackboard users. Read the problem statements careful. If a situation applies to you, try the suggested solutions. If none of the troubleshooting solutions work, please contact Distance Learning during our office hours at 860-343-5756 (Mon-Fri, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm) or Support Center at 860-723-0221 at anytime.

A. You are not able to get to MyCommNet web site. You got a page not found error.

Make sure that MyCommNet address is written as There is a period in between “my” and “commnet”.

B. You get to MyCommNet site, but you cannot log on with your NetID and Password.

Click here to see how you will resolve it.

C. You are able to log on to MyCommNet on a campus computer but not on your home computer.

Two possible reasons: (1) Additional firewalls or filters installed on your computer prevent the proper transfer of Net ID and password information to myCommNet. (2) You use Internet Explorer 10, incompatible browser, attempting to log on to MyCommNet.

(1) In the firewall or virus protection program on your computerallow myCommNet site as an exception. For help with changing the firewall settings, consult the help utility in your software program or visit the software company’s web site for help information.

(1) or (2) Use Google Chrome as the browser to access your online class.

Go to Download Center at MxCC Distance Learning site. Download the compatible version of Google Chrome for PC.
Install Google Chrome by double-clicking the Chrome .exe file and then follow installation steps.
After the Google Chrome is installed to your computer, you will turn the pop-up blocker off. Open Chrome. Go to the setting icon at the upper right corner. Select “Settings”. Scroll all the way down and select “Show advanced settings”.   Under “Privacy”, select “Content settings…”.  Scroll the vertical bar down until you see Pop-ups.  Keep “Do not allow any site to show pop-ups” checked.  Click on “Manage exceptions”.  Enter Blackboard Learning address,” and “”.  Click on Done.  This will allow pop-up window to show when you work with Blackboard and MyCommnet.

D. You have successfully logged on to MyCommNet, but when you click on Blackboard icon, you got a blank screen or an error message.

The first thing you should do is to conduct a browser check. The browser check result shows a problem marked by a red X with an explanation. You MUST disable all pop-up blockers in order to get to Blackboard. Click here for instructions on how to disable pop-up blockers.  You may conduct a browser check again for final verification that all pop-up blockers have been disabled.

Additionally, you may have to clean browser cache to get to Blackboard. Click here for how to clean up browser cache.

E. You are on”My Institution” page in Blackboard, but your online course is not listed.

Your online course is listed on My Institution page starting seven days before the first day of your course.

Within seven days before to a course starts:

(1) Right after registering, if your online course is not listed on My Institution page, you may have to wait up to 24 hours or more.

(2) If you do not see your online course on My Institution page after 24 hours of registration, contact Distance Learning at 860-343-5756 or

(3) Your course on My Institution page disappeared suddenly. Contact Records Office at 860.343.5724; you may have a hold in our system because your payment to the course does not go through, your financial aid fund is not disbursed to the course, or any other paper work to pay for the course has not been completed appropriately.

(4) The course listed on My Institution page is not the course you meant to register. Contact Records Office at 860.343.5724 to switch to the right course.

F. Your online course is listed in My Institution page, but when you clicked on the course name, you got a message saying:

“You are denied access to this course, contact system administrator.”

Some professors may deny student access to their online course while they are developing the course. Contact Distance Learning at (860) – 343 – 5756 or to verify.

G. Your online course is listed on My Institution page, but when you clicked on the course title, you do not see anything in the course.

a. Your instructor hides all content while building content in the course.
b. Your course is a cross-listed course, your instructor either has not built any content or does not build content on the “master” course.

Contact Distance Learning at 860-343-5756 or for assistance.

A. While you are in Blackboard, you received a warning message saying that your session times out.

This message is from MyCommNet, which prompts you 30 minute after you signed in. When you see this message, click on Logout button or wait until MyCommNet automatically shuts off. When you see a timeout message, do not click on OK button since this may cause error messages when you work in Blackboard. If by any chance, you clicked on OK and you get error messages in Blackboard, click on My Institution link (upper-right) to exit out your course and then click on your course name to enter again.To avoid this timeout message, once you are in My Blackboard page, exit MyCommNet by clicking Logout (upper-right) in MyCommNet window. Click here to view text instruction.

B. You are unable to attach a file in Mail, Discussions, or Assignment drop box.

When attaching a file to an e-mail, discussion message, or Assignment “drop box”, after clicking Browse button, either nothing happens or a JAVA error message displays.This problem is more likely because JAVA plug-in is not installed or enabled on your computer, or you have installed an incompatible version of the JAVA plug-in. Click My Institution link (upper-right), click on “Check: What browser are you using? (upper-right). The browser check result will indicate where exactly the problem could be.(1) If it indicates do not have a JAVA installed, click here to see the list of compatible JAVA and download a JAVA plug in. Install the JAVA to your computer.(2) If it indicates that you have a pop-up blocker enabled, you need to disable the pop-up blocker. Click here for instruction.  After you complete the above solution, you need to close out browser and log back on to your course. When you are in My Institution page, if you are asked to confirm JAVA security certificate, click on Run to make sure JAVA is enabled.(3) If (1) and (2) does not work, you may ensure JAVA is enabled. In your computer, go to Start menu, select Settings and Control Panel. In the Control Panel window, double-click the JAVA icon. Select Advanced tab in the window, click “+” next to <Applet> Tag Support, check Internet Explorer. Then click OK.

(4) If (1), (2), and (3) does not work, you may try to clean JAVA cache and clear browser cache or change to a different browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser.
Install Firefox by double-clicking the .exe file and then following the prompted steps to install it to your computer. Turn the pop-up blocker off in Firefox. Open Firefox. Go to Firefox Tab (upper left), select Options>Options. Select Content icon at top. Uncheck Block Popup Windows. Click OK.

C. You got an error message while taking an online exam

There are possible two reasons to cause such a problem (1) your Internet connection is temporarily off; (2) Your web browser “crashed”, which mostly occurred when using partially tested browsers.Should this problem happens, close out the web browser or even restart your computer. Log back on to your course, click on the page with the exam, click on the exam name, and click on Continue button to finish the exam. This method is to help you get through the problem while taking the exam.To avoid such problem happens again, we highly recommend you use a compatible version of Mozilla Firefox browser while taking an online exam. Instruction can be found under Scenario 2 – b – (4).

D. Answers to exam questions are not saved.

While taking an online exam, you must click on Save Answer button under EVERY question. Do not click on Save All button after you answered all the questions. To verify the answers have been saved, click on Test/Survey Status link at the top of the exam page. The question number with an answer saved will be grayed out. If you are not able to see a question number grayed out when you click on Save Answer, you need to run a browser check see where the problem could be either incompatible browser or JAVA problem. Check browser link is on upper right of My Blackboard page. If the browser check result indicates any problem, follow instruction at the bottom.

E. Images in exam questions do not show.

This might be caused by incompatible JAVA or browser. Click here for a list of compatible JAVA/ and download a correct version of JAVA.
Some courses use testbanks provided by the textbook publisher. Some test questions provided by the publisher do not have images imported when they are loaded to Blackboard. In this case, you will need to contact your professor and your professor may eliminate the questions without images from the online tests.

F. Blackboard Chat or Collaborate Classroom does not work.

You will need to have JAVA Run Time 7_55 installed and enabled on your computer in order to use Chat or Collaborate Classroom in Blackboard.  First check to see if you have the JAVA 7_55 on your computer by doing a Browser Check.  If you have it, make sure you have it enabled when you are prompted to RUN JAVA. If you do not have JAVA 7_55,  Click here to download JAVA 7_55 for windows (32-bit or 64-bit).  Click here for instruction on how you can determine whether your computer is 32-bit or 64-bit.

From time to time, we receive reports from our users that they are unable to get to MyCommNet or Blackboard or some features in Blackboard do not work with their home computer but everything works well with a college computer. Most of these users use AOL or SBC Yahoo as their Internet provider. They basically use DSL connection to log online first and then use the default browser to get to MyCommNet or Blackboard site. When you experience problems with the default browser, you may consider to use Mozila Firefox browser to get to MyCommNet or Blackboard site. Click here for instruction on how to download, install, and setup a Firefox browser. Our best advice for you is do a Browser Check to pinpoint the problems and final solutions.

Other Problems not Listed

You may click here for more problems on Blackboard and possible solutions.