Before starting any course work for your online/hybrid class, please go through the first THREE steps to complete the Online Orientation. You will complete the last step within the three weeks before the end of a current semester. The general overview of FOUR – STEP orientation is stated below. Click on rightarrows or the step title to start the orientation.

rightarrows  Step 1 – Getting Started

In this step, you are asked to take the self-assessment test, enter an active email to Student Self-Service system via MyCommNet, log on to your course, verify your course CRN, configure your computer, purchase your text books, and obtain information on technical support and orientations. Your course will be shown in My Institution page on Blackboard within 7 days of the first day of course.

rightarrows Step 2 – Learning Basics

This step guides you to navigate your course and learn basic tools needed for online learning. The Blackboard Tutorials present you with text-based and multimedia-based instruction on how to use the tools such as announcement, calendar, email, discussions, assignments (drop box), and assessments (quiz, exam, test).

You are recommended sign on to your course within one week before the start of classes to get familiar with navigation and course interface. On the 7th day before the first day of a semester, registered students may be able to view the course site with online orientation, Blackboard tutorials, or help information. The most updated class information is available the first day of your class.

rightarrows  Step 3 – Achieving Success

This step provides you with important tips about what you should do to ensure your success with technology and receive a good grade in an online class.

rightarrows Step 4 – Evaluating Courses

About five weeks prior to the end of a Spring or Fall semester, you go through this step to complete the online course evaluation. You will access the evaluation form via MyCommNet. Log on to MyCommNet using your NetID and password. Click on Banner Self-Service icon at upper right. Click on Middlesex Community College. Click REGISTRATIONS/SCHEDULE tab. Click on Evaluate Your Course.  You will need to fill out a form for each course you take. The evaluation link for a current course will be disabled the night before the first day of the final exam.

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