Things You MUST Do Prior to the Start of Your MxCC Online Class

Summer 2015

Summer I Semester (5/26/15 -6/30/15)
Summer II Semester (7/6/15 – 8/7/15)
Summer III Semester (5/26/15 – 8/05/15)
Summer IV Semester (6/15/15 – 8/4/15)

Seven days before the first day of a course , registered students will see their online courses listed in My Institution page and may be able to view the course site with online orientation, help information, and some course content. Per course professor, some online courses may not be visible until the first day of course.


The most updated information at an online course site will be available on the FIRST day of a course. Before the first day of a semester, do not complete any assignments or print, download, and save any files from the course site.

Please download a copy of our Quick References package. If you are enrolled in any of the following online classes, click on a course title below to view special requirements.

ACC 115 –Financial Accounting
ACC 118 –Managerial Accounting
ART 100 Art Appreciation
BIO 111- Introduction to Nutrition
CSC101 –Intro to Computers
CSA 135 –Spreadsheet Applications
CSA140 –Database Applications
MAT 137-Intermediate Algebra
MAT 168-Elementary Statistics & Probability I
MAT 173 –College Algebra w/ Technology
All Spanish Online Courses –Elementary Spanish I or II

Things You MUST Do Prior to the Start of Your Online Class
All registered online students MUST follow the step-by-step instruction below to get yourself ready as early as possible before the first day of your online classes.For your convenience, you can view or download a Printable Checklist to guide you through this process.

1. Take the SmarterMeature (READI) Self-Assessment Test

For a new online student at MxCC, the first thing you should do is to take the self-assessment test to make sure you are well-prepared for online learning. If you have taken READI (or SmarterMeasure) test, you do not need to take it again.Go to and logon with:

Username: Choose mxccsum15 for Summer 2015 students.  Choose mxccf15 for Fall 2015 students.
Password: mxccstudent

The test will take about 30 minutes to complete. Upon completing the test, you will see a report showing the results in the five areas: reading comprehension, technical skills, individual attributes, learning styles, and typing speed and accuracy. Review your results carefully and identify weakness (see chart) in your skills. In the end of the report, online resources are listed to help you improve your skills. It is critical important that you complete all questions in the test.

An incomplete test is considered as a “failure” of the test. If your results indicate weakness in your skills (see chart, yellow or red bar in the summary report), you are strongly encouraged to attend an on-campus orientation scheduled in the first week of a semester. Should you be unable to attend an on-campus orientation, you MUST go over the online orientation to get yourself prepared. Click here for more information about the test.

2. Log Onto Your Online Class

One week prior to the beginning of a semester, you might be able to view your online course site including online orientation, help information, and some course content. Per the professor, some courses may not be visible until the first day of a semester. We encourage you to go through the orientation before the start of a semester to test your computer and learn how to use Blackboard tools. However, please do not complete any course-related activities or print any documents; all course information is considered in progress until the first day of courses.* Open a web browser.
* Go to
* Enter your NetID and password, click Login.
+ NetID: – Do not know your NetID? Click here to find out.
+ Password: The same password to log on to a campus computer at any of the 12 Connecticut community colleges.
+ If you have never logged on to a campus computer, the initial password is combination of your first 3 letters of birth month (capitalize the first letter) , & (shift+7), and last four-digit of your social security number.+ For example, if you are born in April and the last four digits of your social security number are 4575, then your initial password is Apr&4575 (case sensitive).+ After you logon with the initial password, you will be prompted to change to a new password. The new password MUST have 8 or more characters and satisfy 3 of the 4 rules as follows:
* Upper case
* Lower case
* Numbers
* Special characters
+ One example of a new password is Flower14 (case sensitive). Remember; do not use your name or birthday in the new password.
Click here for more information about NetID and password
+ If you are not able to log in to the site, click here to for additional information.
* Once you are in myCommNet, click on the Blackboard icon. You will see your courses listed within 7 days before the first day of a semester. Click on your Course Title. To go to another course, click My Institution (upper right) and click on the course name.  An online course will be available in Blackboard within 7 days before the first day of the course.* If you have logged on to myCommNet but could not get to a Blackboard course, click here for help information under Scenario 1.

Disable all pop-up blockers to ensure myCommNet functions correctly.

3. Test Your College Email or Forward College Email to Personal Account

Although your online professor will communicate with you in the internal mail (Messages) in Blackboard, it is important that you check your college email especially when Blackboard is down. If you do not check your college email often, you may set it up to forward all college emails to your personal email. Click here for the instruction with screen captures.To access your college email:

* Go to
* Enter your NetID ( and password, click Login.
* Once you are in myCommNet, click on the Student tab. You will see your email ( Click on the link on Student Email Login.
* Type your NetID in the username box and click on the Password box. You will see the password box grayed out. Click on Sign in as a at the bottom of the page.
* In the pop-up winder, type your 8-digit ID and password to log in. Click on Inbox. You will see emails.

To forward the college email to a personal email,
* Click on Options (upper right). Click on Forward Your Email (middle of the right column). At the bottom of the page, under Forward My Email To, type your personal email address. Click on Start Forwarding. Click on Save.

4. Prepare for your Computer, Internet Connection, and Browser

Prior to the first day of class, you need to make sure your computer, Internet connection, and browser are ready for taking an online course with Blackboard via myCommNet. You need to have regular access to a recent-model computer which MUST have a high-speed (DSL, cable modem, etc.) Internet connection. Your computer also needs to have JAVA installed. All pop-up blockers need to be turned off, and additional firewalls need to be disabled.

Do not use mobile devices (e.g. Smartphones -iPhone, Blackberry, Droid, etc.; Tablet PCs – iPad, Xoom, etc.) to submit any course assignments (e.g. discussions, email, assignment drop boxes, online tests, etc.) since Blackboard is not fully compatible with mobile devices. You may be able to browse information in your online courses with a mobile device.a. Click here for the system requirements for myCommNet.
b. Click here for the system requirements with Blackboard Learn.Click here for browser tune up: check to make sure your computer is workable with MyCommNet and Blackboard. Each individual course may also require an additional browser test. This test here is the bare minimum just to get into Blackboard.For downloading correct version of JAVA, Mozilla Firefox, and others, go to MxCC Distance Learning Home page, click Download Center (lower left) link.

5. Verify the Course CRN and Payment Information

  1. Within seven days prior to the first day of a semester, when you are in My Institution page, check closely the course four-digit CRN to make sure that it is the course that you meant to register. To check the correct CRN for all online courses, go to the Online Classes page and select the appropriate semester link. The CRN is listed next to a course. If the CRN at the class list does not match the CRN shown in My Blackboard page, contact the Registrar’s Office (860-343-5724) immediately.
  2. Upon registering an online class, payment needs to be in place or arranged. If payment or arrangement is not done, you will be dropped off the class. If you are on Financial Aid from MxCC or other institutions, you MUST ensure that your financial aid application has been processed before registration. If your online course is taken off My Institution page, please contact the Registrar’s Office (860-343-5724) immediately.

6. Learn Basic Features in Blackboard

Before the first day of a semester, all online/hybrid students at MxCC are REQUIRED to go through the online orientation. First time online students in need of personal assistance in learning Blackboard basic features and obtaining success tips can attend an on-campus orientation offered around the beginning of a semester. Click here for the orientation schedule.The basic tools used in an online/hybrid class may include Announcement, CalendarMail, Discussions, Assignment (dropbox), Tests, and Learning Module. The Blackboard Multimedia Tutorials will help you learn these tools.

7. Purchase your Textbooks

All online classes require that you purchase textbooks as you would for on-ground classes. As soon as you register to an online class, visit the MxCC bookstore or call (860-346-4490) to obtain information about what textbook will be used for this course. You may purchase the textbook online from the MxCC bookstore web site. At this site, click “FIND YOUR TEXTBOOKS AND COURSE MATERIALS” link in the center of the page. Select a Term (semester), OnlineDepartment, and CRN. Proceed to purchase the textbook.Please be aware that it might take a full week or more to receive your textbooks ordered online or via phone.

Some of our online courses may require textbooks with a special access code, and purchasing your textbook with the access code through the bookstore is the only way to assure that you will receive the correct textbook and access code. Go to the top of this page and review the list of classes with special requirements.

8. Technical Help

Should you encounter technical difficulty in working with Blackboard or myCommNet:a. Visit the Troubleshooting Tips page for common problems and solutions.

b. Visit the Technical Support Center.
Click here for the direct link to access the support center with Web Resources, Ticket Submission, and Phone. The hours of operation for phone support is Mon-Thur, 8:00 am – 8:00 pm, Fri, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Sun, 1:00 pm – 9:00 pm.

c. Should the technical problem persists, report this to the MxCC Distance Learning department using one of the following methods during Office hours: M-F, 8:00 am � 5:00 pm:

Call (860) 343-5756
Email to
Stop by the Distance Learning offices in Founders 131/131A, Middletown Campus

9. Recommended

Bookmark MxCC Distance Learning site for news alert, technical help contact, and all other information regarding online courses. Like MxCC Distance Learning on Facebook page for latest news and announcements regarding your online classes.


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