To current supporters and friends of Middlesex Community College : THANK  YOU! To first time visitors: WELCOME!                                 

Middlesex Community College is committed to offering high quality, affordable, and accessible higher education through degree, certificate, and lifelong learning programs that lead to:

  • successful university transfer,
  • improved employment opportunities, and
  • a better quality of life for our students and the communities of our region.

Connecticut’s economy is changing and its job market is highly competitive.  Employers expect their employees to have attended an institution of higher education and have become more selective in hiring.  Increasing costs at four-year institutions have led students to community colleges for the well-rounded education and the skills they will need to be professionally successful without high levels of student debt.

Quite clearly, community colleges are becoming an increasingly integral part of Connecticut’s  higher education system.

In difficult economic times and in the face of declining state resources,  Middlesex Community College keeps the door to higher education and opportunity open for all the students of our region, and the Middlesex Community College Foundation remains committed to offering students a high quality education at an affordable price.

The Foundation funds:

  • Scholarships
  • state-of-the-art instructional technology
  • academic program development,
  • and professional development for faculty.

In 2013, the Foundation spent $88,805, on scholarships, program enhancements and equipment.

MxCC is considered Connecticut’s “best kept secret” among Connecticut’s institutions of higher education.  As we move toward our 50th anniversary and the construction of new academic space, we hope to transition from the “best kept secret” to simply “the best.”    We are confident that by combining your support with our commitment to our students’ education, we can accomplish our goal.

Thank you for your interest and continued support for our College and for our students – the future leaders of our community.



H. Brian Dumeer, Chairman