Dear Friends, Fellow Supporters, and Future Supporters of MxCC,

This fall MxCC has experienced a greater increase in student enrollment than any other public college or university in the state. A lot is happening on the campus that is attracting attention and enrollments. The new Pavilion at Founders Hall is complete, as is the Center for New Media. The exciting new Health and Life Science Initiative is attracting students to prepare for rewarding careers in growing fields such as Environmental Science, Health Information Management, and Engineering Science. In the coming year, grant funds from the U.S. Department of Labor will bring new high performance manufacturing programs and facilities to the Middletown campus.

We at the Foundation are pleased to be a part of the great things happening at the college. Through our fundraising events and appeals we contribute to improvements to the campus facilities and learning environment and, most importantly, we fund scholarships that provide access for students. With tuition escalating at many institutions, MxCC remains committed to providing its students with a high-quality, reasonably priced education. Students can use the school as a springboard to transfer to a four year college, or they can use the skills and certifications they acquire to become valuable members of the work force.

When I think about making contributions to a non-profit organization, there are two factors that are critical to me:

            The first is the impact my contribution will have. Contributing to an individual’s education does much more than meet a one-time need; it enables that person to acquire knowledge and skills that will expand career opportunities and earning power for a lifetime. Students with more knowledge and better skills find better jobs, earn higher wages, and improve their lives and the quality of life for their families. Statistically, as education levels increase, community revenues and resources also increase; crime, incarceration rates and criminal justice costs are reduced; public health improves and related healthcare costs are reduced. Community colleges offer students and communities an opportunity to multiply the return on their investments in higher education.

            My second consideration is sound and effective stewardship of the funds. The Foundation Board is unique in that so many of its members have deep connections to the college and to the communities of the region it serves. All of us appreciate the value of education. That is why we volunteer our time and money.

            The growth in the college and the dynamic new programs and initiatives appearing on campus are tangible evidence that the money we raise benefits our students and our communities. I hope you will join me in contributing to the Middlesex Community College Foundation and in supporting the efforts of the college and the students it serves.







Mary Anne Cox, Chair

Foundation Board of Directors