Dear Friends, Fellow Supporters, and Future Supporters of MxCC,

Sustainability has become a topic of discussion and concern throughout our world from corporations to governments, from the environment to education. How do we preserve gains that have been made and realize new opportunities, without depleting or destroying our resources and our environment? Growth and change continue on the campus and in the classrooms at Middlesex. The new Pavilion and the Center for New Media illustrate both. More changes to the landscape are visible in the Veterans Memorial Garden and the expanding sustainable garden at the entrance to the lower campus. Further changes are planned as a new manufacturing center will be developed on campus during the next couple of years. Each of these examples of growth has been made possible, in part, by the work of the MXCC Foundation and the contributions of donors, sponsors, advocates, business and community partners, faculty and staff, and volunteers. Our gratitude, last year’s theme, never changes. Without these contributions much of this would not have been possible. The question now becomes

How do we sustain our achievements and positively affect the success of the College and its students, as well as the quality of life for our communities through the College and its role in community development?”

In an environment of diminishing State funding support for public higher education, there is no simple solution to sustainability. The answer given by this year’s commencement speaker, Tanya Henderson, an MXCC graduate and well known human rights activist and attorney, is persistence. The opportunity to persist, to “begin again” was what Middlesex Community College offered Tanya as she grew from an uninspired high school student to an inspiring international advocate for human rights, particularly women’s rights and empowerment, with the Ministry for Social Affairs in Lebanon, the Women’s International League for Peace, and now Mina’s List, an organization she founded to empower women’s political leadership globally. She credits the faculty and staff at MXCC with helping her to develop her academic and personal goals, along with the tenacity to overcome the obstacles in her way – repeatedly.

Tanya is an example of extraordinary student success, but her achievements are replicated in some way every day by students at MXCC as they “recreate, rebuild, or completely redefine their pathways” often with the support of the Foundation through scholarships. These gifts become investments to help meet their needs and assist them in overcoming obstacles. The donors listed in this annual report are creating the opportunities that students like Tanya need to realize their full potential, to keep on learning, to create a better world for themselves, their families, their communities and for all of us who depend on them to sustain a world of opportunity.

Thank you all for your generosity.






Mary Anne Cox, Chair

Foundation Board of Directors