_dsc0917Each May, the MxCC Foundation awards scholarships to incoming, returning, and/or graduating students.  During the past five years, more than $150,000 in scholarships has been presented to students in $500 to $1,500 denominations.  Students submit Scholarship applications according to MxCC Foundation Guidelines.  The applications are reviewed by the Scholarship Committee whose members represent the Foundation and the college. Recipients are selected by academic merit, career goal, or financial need, as specified in the scholarship criteria.

Scholarship awards and availability depend upon donations from generous individuals, businesses, service and civic organizations, alumni and charitable foundations.  Additionally, the MxCC Foundation sponsors annual events including the $cholarship 5k and 10k Road Race, the MxCC Classic Golf Tournament, and the Red Moon Festival.

Questions may be directed to Cheryl Dumont-Smith cdumont-smith@mxcc.edu or 860.343.5869, or Corey Martell cmartell@mxcc.edu or 860.343.5701.


$84,900 in Scholarships awarded in 2016

Alumni Endowed  –  Nadia Casey
Boris Burack Endowed  –  Myles Gould
Catherine L. Dennis Endowed  –  Chelsey Donaldson
Catherine L. Dennis Endowed  –  Nikki Gilgosky
Dean Richard Muniz Family  –  John Mejia
Dean Richard Muniz Family  –  Sabrina Garcia-Nunez
Dean’s Endowed  –  Nichele Hudson
Eames Family  –  Jaci McManus
Eames Family  –  James Fahey
Eames Family  –  Jeremy Boughton
Eames Family  –  Mallory Dandelski
Eames Family  –  Nicole Brodeur
Eames Family  –  Tyquan Crump
Edie Fuld Endowed  –  Emily Anderson
High School Renewable  –  Sabrina Brainard
High School Renewable  –  Michael Croneberg
High School Renewable  –  Brittany Anne Doran
High School Renewable  –  Valeria Gonzalez
High School Renewable  –  Veronika Leal
High School Renewable  –  Lauren Lee
High School Renewable  –  Michael Quinones
High School Renewable  –  Stacie Stroneski
High School Renewable  –  Thamiriz Vasconcelos
High School Renewable  –  Alyssa Bavasso
Faculty Scholarship  –  Nicole Brodeur
Founders Endowed  –  Mikaela Baril
Gandhi Endowed  –  Lucero Garza
Herbert Levine, MD Endowed  –  Cobi O’Connell
Hugh and Judith Cox  –  Kristina Wosczyna
Hugh and Judith Cox  –  Sharon Turcotte
Jesse J. Salafia Nursing  –  Christine Doheny
Judith and Robert Walsh  –  Portia Whitted
Liberty Bank Foundation  –  Carina Malik
Liberty Bank Foundation  –  Jacob Turner
Liberty Bank Foundation  –  Jessica Kelly
Liberty Bank Foundation  –  Kimberly Arnold
Liberty Bank Foundation  –  Nadine Kabula
Liberty Bank Foundation Renewable  –  Lauren Pearce
Liberty Bank Foundation Renewable  –  Miranda Murphy
Lisa Massita  – Victor Triay
Martha DePecol Sanner Endowed  –  Julie Bissonnette
Martha DePecol Sanner Endowed  –  Natalia Bitzaya
Marth DePecol Sammer Endowed  –  Sarah Wilson
Mayor’s Scholarship for Middletown at MxCC  –  Anthony Moran
MILE  –  Debra Kennedy
MILE  –  Elisabeth Baudis
MILE  –  Lynette Lindner
MxCC Faculty Endowed  –  Joseph Stedman
MxCC Foundation  –  Rourke Kennedy
Nihla and Bob Lapidus  –  Deja Pierce
Nihla and Bob Lapidus  –  Anne Gallagher
Nihla and Bob Lapidus  –  Mareli Vargas
Patrick Campbell  –  Eireann Schulenburg
Paul L. Jones Foundation  –  Briana McLoughlin
Paul L. Jones Foundation  –  Darley Chandy
Paul L. Jones Foundation  –  Dinah Landry
Paul L. Jones Foundation  –  Jasmine Lopez
Paul L. Jones Foundation  –  Je’nae Pelletier
Paul L. Jones Foundation  –  Lindsay Carroll
Paul L. Jones Foundation  –  Paul Innes
Paul L. Jones Foundation  –  Rachelle Kallaugher
Paul L. Jones Foundation  –  Stephanie DiMauro
Peach Pit Foundation  –  Lea Tomaszewski
Peach Pit Foundation  –  Mike Avery
Peach Pit Foundation  –  CNA Student to be named
Peach Pit Foundation  –  CNA Student to be named
Peach Pit Foundation  –  CNA Student to be named
Phi Theta Kappa  – Alain Tshipamba
Philip and Amy Wheaton Annual  –  Victoria Wiernasz
Philip and Amy Wheaton Endowed  –  Loan Khuc
Philip and Amy Wheaton Endowed  –  Lucas MacFarlane
Pratt & Whitney  –  MD K Islam
Pratt & Whitney  –  Alexander Milslagle
Pratt & Whitney  –  Herve Tshimanga
Record-Journal Foundation  –  Natalie Pellot
Robert A. Chapman Endowed  –  Elizabeth Spash
Rotary Club of Middletown  –  Samantha Perry
Rowland and Ruth Beaulieu Business Administration  –  Edgardo Contreras
Rowland and Ruth Beaulieu Business Administration  –  Kathleen Charest
Rowland and Ruth Beaulieu Business Administration  –  Summer Burke
Rowland and Ruth Beaulieu Business Administration  –  Jessica Quispilema
Rowland and Ruth Beaulieu Endowed  –  Naterkuor Adjoka-Nartey
Stephanie Nelson  –  Brendan Plake
Susan M. Smart Memorial  –  Jodi Moore
Tyquan Crump Higher Ambition  –  Valarie Williams
Tyquan Crump Higher Ambition  –  Valerie Fialkoff
Tyquan Crump Higher Ambition  –  Wendy Reynolds
Vet Tech  –  Nicole Bertini
Charles and Rachel Wiltsie  –  John Cyr